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Birthday Parties

“It’s your BEST BIRTHDAY ever! Book our art studio for a private workshop led by one of our
professional Instructors and create a project to take home! Starting at age 5, guests can make, create, and celebrate a birthday project with friends and family!

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Planning A Birthday

Are your ready to plan the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER?" Click HERE to fill out our Birthday Application Form
Once completed, a member of our team will get in touch with you. When you have finished coordinating the date and time of your birthday with our team, you can pay below:

To book your child's birthday party, click

Should you have any questions about hosting a birthday party at Quest, get in touch with us at

The Details

Welcome to the whimsical world of creativity and joy! At Quest, every child's birthday deserves a splash of colour and a dash of imagination. Here, you will find all the information you need to plan the perfect party and turn your celebration into an extraordinary art-filled adventure! 

Available Birthday Party Date(s): Sundays 
Time Slots: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM -OR- 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (90 Minutes)  

Fees: $250.00 + HST for the first 12 participants or less (including birthday child). An additional cost
of $15 is applied for each extra participant, up to 20 participants. Quest Members receive a 15% discount on the total price of the event.

*Price includes 1 invitation per participants (12 or more), birthday-themed decorations (balloons and streamers) in the creative space, as well as all art materials for the selected art project.  Printed invitations can be can be picked up here at our office.**

Important Event Information

  • Dress for mess! Quest has smocks/aprons, but accidents do happen!

  • Please note that due to limitations of room size and best practices, only the hosting parent(s) are
    permitted to be in the studio space while the art activity is being created. Other
    parents/guardians/family/friends are invited to wait downstairs in the MCC (Midland Culture
    Centre) in the public space seating area.

  • The first hour is dedicated to the art activity, and the remaining 30 minutes can be used to serve
    cake provided by the host family (gift opening during the party not available)

  • Any food eaten at Quest must be nut-free (please ensure that guests have informed hosting parents of any known food allergies)

  • Doors for the birthday party will open 10 minutes before the start of the party

  • After a grace period of 10 minutes, late participants will be charged an additional $5 for every 5 minutes

  • Projects are based on a mess meter from 1 to 10 – the higher the number, the more mess to be made!

Birthday Party Themes

Build a Castle and Finger Puppet!
Ages: 5+ 

Mess Meter: 7 (Painting Involved) 
Paint and decorate your very own art castle creation! After you build your castle, create a finger puppet character and let the adventure begin!


Bird Costume! Build a Mask and Wings!

Ages: 5+ 

Mess Meter: 8 (Painting Involved) 
Using a push/pull painting technique, each participant will be able to make a bird-inspired costume! Super messy and super fun!

Octopus Creation! SEA You At The Party!

Ages: 5+ 

Mess Meter: 8 (Painting Involved) 

Another push/pull painting technique project. Each participant will be able to create a large octopus-inspired creation that can also be worn as a mask!

Treasure Chest! Your QUEST Begins Here!

Ages: 5+ 

Mess Meter: 8 (Painting Involved) 

Ahoy mateys! Your next adventure starts at Quest! Participants will build and decorate their treasure chest creation using cardboard, paint and mixed media material!

Build a Felt Toy and Collectible Card!

Ages: 7+ 

Mess Meter: 4 (Drawing Involved)

Our expert team will guide your party participants with the tools to make their own FELT TOY! Draw, cut, and stuff your felt toy, then make a collectible card to match your creation!


Puppet Theatre Performance!

Ages: 7+ 

Mess Meter: 3 (Markers & Glue Involved)

On with the show! Join our puppet theatre creation party and build your mini stage and fun finger puppet creations! Decorate the theatre with our mixed media materials, and let your imagination be your guide to your next Broadway hit! Bravo!

Watercolour Painting Perfection!

Ages: 8 +  

Mess Meter: 4 (Painting Involved) 
Our watercolour painting party is super awesome! Get expert advice and step-by-step instructions from our certified fun instructors, who will guide the participants from pencil drawing to completed painting projects! Choice of painting images includes still life, fantasy castle, underwater scene, or a special request from the birthday child!

Make a Mess! Mixed Media Projects

Ages: 8+ 

Mess Meter:10!!!
This party is for the kids who like to get messy! Participants will be divided into small groups rotating around the room to explore up to five art methods! Some stations include bubble printmaking, dipped tie-dye creations, marble painting, gloop making, and mono printmaking! Dress for the mess, for sure! All artwork will be collected and placed in a paper portfolio to take home!

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