Summer 2017 Online Exhibition

August 1 - September 1


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Sycamore After the Rain
Falling Asleep in the Forest
Spring Pastorale
Not Cut Out For This
Beneath the Surface
Tom Thomson’s Cabin
Polo Players
Lone Palm – Provincials Island
Dancing Vines
Algal Bloom
Algal Bloom (Detail)
Yellow Flowers on Sand
Deer in Trillium Woodland
Sacred Tree
Friedrich I, King in Prussia
The Daigle House

It is sometimes thought that colour psychology is nothing more than a pseudoscience. Yet, we actually experience the psychological effects of colour every day, and have done so since the dawn of our species. We know instinctively that bright-coloured animals are poisonous. Blue makes us feel calm, yellow makes us happy, and red makes us active, aggressive, and excited.


The colour green is an enigma, because it lacks a specific, universal association. To some, it symbolizes nature, as it’s the hue that the Earth cloaks itself in. Other people see it tied to wealth and money. Still others immediately think of the phrase, “green with envy”. It is vibrant, rebellious, relaxed, energetic, quiet, subtle, nervous, jealous, and victorious all at once. It’s all around us, yet it is one of the hardest colours to master in art. Green is wild and free, and liberated from the rest of the spectrum.


This year’s online exhibition celebrates the nature of the colour green. The works submitted examine it both on its own and in tandem with other colours, some with which it contrasts, others with which it harmonizes. The artists have looked at how it forms relationships with both representational and abstract subjects. With this exhibition, we invite the viewer to click through our collection of works and consider how colour contributes to our feelings and perception of the world around us.

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Deer in Trillium Woodland

Jacquie Black 2017 Photo 12" x 18" $60 (print) / $250 (2' x 3' wrapped canvas)

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