Project Gallery: Portals  March 16- May 12, 2018
Julie Himel and Joanne Lomas

Portals brings together two painters exploring the human condition through the depiction of out-of-reach environments.  Swirling or steady, the brushwork and treatment of light within each landscape visualizes the fleeting state of our own realities.  Julie Himel, a Toronto based artist investigates presence vs. absence by rendering rich dense environments that call us to ‘arrive’ via the depiction of lush foliage and natural pathways. Inspired by the rich and generous paint application of Lucian Freud and Tom Thomson, these inviting compositions draw on the ephemerality of light to direct our attention to what may lie ahead.  Juxtaposed against Himel’s serene and yet energized exterior spaces are spinning landscapes by Alliston artist Joanne Lomas. Simultaneously disorienting and enticing, Lomas’ compositions infer the promise of clarity and stability on the other side of chaos and darkness.  Lomas states,

Atrium Gallery: Beyond the Brush March 16 – May 12, 2018

Beyond the Brush is a community exhibition that encouraged artists to explore paint through experimental processes, across different disciplines and atop unconventional surfaces to arrive at Avant Garde approaches to painting.  A true celebration of the medium and its ability to transfer us into a world of play, in this exhibit you will witness how paint has been pushed, pulled, dripped, dragged, smeared, stripped, poured, stained, carved and dipped to document both the sublime and the subliminal moments of our lives.

Sponsored by HGR Graham

Upper Gallery: Voices of Paint March 16—May 12, 2018

Sonia Haberstich, Frances Thomas and Jennifer Wigmore


This exhibition is a true celebration of the materiality of paint, showcasing contemporary investigations of the medium and its processes.  Similarly observing and tapping into the idiosyncrasies of the everyday, Voices of Paint will feature new abstract expressions by regional artist Frances Thomas, recently awarded the Sarick Purchase Award for excellent in thesis work at York University.  Hung in conjunction with 3D explorations and assemblages by emerging artists Sonia Haberstich (Montreal) and Jennifer Wigmore (Toronto), the exhibit playfully explores the intersection of painting and sculpture; whimsical, tragic, joyful and political all at once.  To read a more complete curatorial essay click here. 

Sponsored by Brokerlink, Midland l OAC Funding Acknowledgement by Frances Thomas

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