Piece of Mind: International Print Exchange 2017
Opening Reception: March 24, 7 - 9 pm
Exhibition and Auction runs: march 17 - may 13

5 in 5 people have mental health, it is part of what makes us human! Piece of Mind in an exhibition of small prints celebrating the freedom and community found within visual expression as well as the health benefits of being creative and experiencing art. In partnership with the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health, Quest Art would like to give special thanks to Sharlene Wong, Frances Thomas, Ted Fullerton, Liz Menard and Victoria Cowan for generously helping to promote this exchange and all that it stands for by contributing their wonderful talent as printmakers.  We would also like to thank all of the artists who selected to participate and help break down the stigmas surrounding mental health.  Please join on Friday, March 24th to celebrate the wonderful array of prints that have come in from around the world and start off a silent auction of works.  


Variant, Screen Print (With Variant)
Frances Thomas
Barrie, Ontario

To be at peace means I need to let go of outcomes, to trust in the fundamental imaginative processes involved in making a work, to trust myself. This print edition is on a large ink drawing created during a residency in Berlin. I cut the drawing into 5x5 inch squares upon which I screened the black shape. For me that black shape is a space for all that is known and unknown, a place of pure potential.
Wayfinder, reduction wood cut (variant), 5 x 5.jpg
Liz Menard
Toronto, Ontario

Our relationship to nature shapes our sense of place and sense of self. It reflects us as a society and as individuals. Watersheds are living entities with richly layered histories, narratives and morphologies. Human development has resulted in fragmented ecologies, loss of connection and marginalized habitat. Protecting habitat, preserving ecosystems and sustaining biodiversity is critical. I remain cautiously optimistic in nature's resilience.
Ted Fullerton
Anima Mundi, 2016 (Lithograph)
5" x 5"
Schomberg, Ontario

My work possesses undercurrents of human emotion and mystery. Many explorations deal with themes and myths communicated in spiritual and magical worlds, with “mythic symbols” serving as entry points to the unconscious. Through these devices I investigate the duality of human nature, the tension between the rational and the illogical, the physical and the spiritual, the intellectual and the intuitive.
Storms Pass, Intaglio and screenprint on rag paper, 4 x 4.jpg
Kelly Ann Hutchinson
Victoria Harbour, Ontario

When Oma fell ill, I took care of her, but soon Oma needed to go to a home. After only two weeks she was gone. … I began to struggle with depression. A month ago I came across photos of a stormy day at the condo she lived in. I remember that day, when the storm faded and the night began to take hold. People around helped me through, but it all began with a simple photo that reminded me that storms pass, and stars come out eventually.
Peace of Mind, linocut variant
Victoria Cowan
Toronto, Ontario

The title of this image is a pun that acknowledges the play on words in the theme of the exchange. It also evokes the importance of peace among communities and individuals. Without peace there are limits to mental health, especially for the most vulnerable members of society.
Rise Above, Akua ink on rice paper, 5 x 5.jpg
Jill Price
Barrie, Ontario

In acknowledging other types of agency in the world, I find peace in knowing that I am a part of something much greater than myself. I find solace in my studio, a cup of hot java, a warm sweater, birds at the feeder or simply in learning something new. My mental health is preserved by knowing that I can take flight and still have something to ground me upon my return.
Paddle Your Own Canoe, linocut
Katie Argyle
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Don't wait for someone else to give you a good life. Go out and get it. Take some time for quiet thought and reflection. When you have a flash of intuition, or a nudge to make a move, be brave. Do it. Follow it. Only you can live your life. Only you can know what you truly need.
Paddle your own canoe.
Quelle-fountain, etching
Hermann Rommel
Korbach, Germany

I am kind of a storyteller, who does not like to tell stories… so to be able to do something just for myself gives me peace of mind. I tend to tell the beginnings or the ends of the plot, phrases without connection to the whole, clichés, hoping the listener will complete the story according to his or her own experience.
Piece of Mind, mixed media etching
Pegah Roshan
Tehran, Iran

My work is a reflection of what my dreams knit or unknit in a partially woken state. What puzzles me is the mysterious nature of dreams and their unrivalled wilderness that calls me towards itself where we see our unmasked being in all of its complexities and unknown realities.
Holding on to (In)Sanity, Linocut
Shannon Green
Ajax, Ontario

Maneuvering though the psychologically charged topography of our lives today” were the words that inspired me to create this series. The mountains, valleys, rivers, swamps, homes, and communities in the topographical map symbolize my emotional landscape; the ups and downs, safe and challenging places. Some days I feel like I am hanging on to it all only by my fingertips.
Be Still, My Mind, Dry point variant
Ginette Pelletier
Midland, Ontario

“Be still, my mind” illustrates my delight in watching koi slowing undulating in shallow water, and the power of this form of meditation to achieve peace of mind. It also speaks to the undercurrent of emotions constantly roaming and shaping our consciousness.
Lively, intaglio
Masoumeh Kheiri
Tehran, Iran

For sure attuning with nature is a part of what makes us human. Maybe the energy and the unique peacefulness that I receive from nature is a common feeling between us all. Think about the feeling of a cool breeze on your skin. Isn’t it enjoyable? In this work, I employ a green and lively item of nature, I wanted to transfer you to the pleasurable feeling that a pine fruit gives me.
Afternoon, Etching
Mojgan Toosi
Tehran, Iran

I feel shadows dancing on the wall are prettier than the still life itself, gentle and soothing for me since I was a child. In the afternoon, when the sunlight creeps in through the window, the shadow world dawns parallel to mine, black and white, flat, but exciting and illusory. Each shadow mirroring on the wall recasts differently. It realizes a different figure, perhaps one of these is the figure it always dreamed of, it swells, wanes, lengthens, long or short.
Mindful, linocut
Bernadette Gowland
Wasaga Beach, Ontario

To relax, I allow my lines to travel around the paper, at times overlapping the dots or going around them and at other times breaking apart and developing holes much like one’s journey through life. This particular linocut shows how through all of life’s twists and turns, we can find a way to remain strong.
MinaRashidi, Liberation,  chalcography(etching,aquatint,drypoint), 10x7 cm.jpg
Mina Rashidi
Tehran, Iran

I wanted to show how unnecessary and dictated norms and obligations of societies, families and specific lifestyles push us to be puppets that have no control over themselves. How we can survive all the distress, stress and tension and not reach our breaking point in a society that is forcing us to be someone other than ourselves is what really matters. Getting rid of those strings can help us to live life as we wish.
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