VOLUNTEER ROLES: As of June 9th 2020


  1. Increase opportunity for meaningful engagement by the volunteers

  2. Increase opportunities for volunteers to take on leadership roles within Quest in order to realize our vision and goals

  3. Empower and support volunteers and their initiatives in developing new activities, skillsets and opportunities.


NAME OF VOLUNTEER: _________________________________



  1. Gift Shop – inventory and return of artisans’ works  ________

ii.     Catalogue and identify people and activities in the photos in Quest’s photo database  ______

iii.    Quest 25th Anniversary – develop content for website and social media   ______________

iv. Work with Curator to develop online “Postcard – Reaching Out” exhibition  ____________

v. Provide support for Alzheimers group   ___________

vi. Provide support for HERO Group   _____________

vii. Provide support for Community Living Group  ____________

viii. Create “how to” examples of artworks for classes (both for outreach into schools, online and in house)  ___________

ix. Become a “Gallery Animateur” – in the gallery, speak to visitors about the artwork and exhibitions on view, provide casual tours  ___________

x. Become a “Quest Ambassador” – attend community events on behalf of Quest, connect with current and lapsed members as to what is going on at Quest and gather feedback, connect with donors and sponsors to let them know what is going on at Quest and to thank them for their support ________

xi. Exhibition Team – installing and dismantling exhibitions under the direction of the Curator

xii. Office help – filing, documenting archives

xiii.  Housekeeping – gallery spaces and offices

xiv. Joining Volunteer Committee _________

xv. Joining Membership Committee  ________

xvi. Joining Fundraising & Events Committee _______

For further information please email create@questart.ca 

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