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Cathy Tait

Board Chair

Cathy Tait

Drawing from over 35 years of diverse business acumen, my professional journey spans the Canadian, American, British, and Australian markets. My tenure as an Executive at Xerox Canada and as a principal and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) at Western Management Consultants has honed my skills in navigating complex business landscapes with finesse and efficacy.

Having embraced a global perspective through a recent 5-year residence in Sydney, Australia, I've had the privilege of engaging with the Aboriginal/Indigenous community, gaining invaluable insights into their rich culture, art, and values. This experience has deepened my understanding of diverse perspectives and strengthened my commitment to fostering inclusivity and cultural appreciation.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I am deeply rooted in community service, having been an active volunteer with Rotary in Australia and now as President-Elect with the Rotary Club of Midland. My dedication extends to my personal passions, particularly in the realm of arts and culture. A fervent collector and avid appreciator of various cultural art forms, I am thrilled to lend my expertise and enthusiasm to the enriching initiatives of Quest Art Gallery + School. In all aspects of my life, whether professional or personal, I am driven by a profound commitment to excellence, collaboration, and making a positive impact within my community and beyond.

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