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Art Talks

Where creativity meets conversation. Delve into the vibrant world of visual arts through insightful discussions, interviews, and reflections. Join us as we explore the diverse perspectives, techniques, and inspirations that shape the contemporary art landscape. From established artists to emerging talents, our aim is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the power of art in our lives. Whether you're an artist, enthusiast, or simply curious about the creative process, "Art Talks" offers a platform for engaging dialogue and discovery. 

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About Kat Honey


Kat Honey is an artist, art instructor and former graphic designer. An award-winning graduate of OCAD, Kat’s work includes collage, signage and painting — encompassing bold graphics, subtle patterns, text, wit and wordplay. Recent exhibitions include The Artist Project, Fashion Art Toronto F/W 2023, In Situ Multi Arts Festival, The Red Head Gallery, and Come up to My Room at Gladstone House. In 2021, she designed a permanent neon installation for Gladstone House. In 2022, she designed and illustrated Bright Fish a collection of poetry by the late Lavell Baldock. In 2023, she produced her first art book, Collage & Decollage.

As an instructor, Kat leads courses and workshops online and in-person, as well as lecturing and jurying exhibitions. She is the host of the popular free Virtual Collage Jam on YouTube.

Contemporary Collage

With Kat Honey

As a medium, collage is ideally suited to addressing our image-saturated world: We see more images per day than a medieval person saw in a lifetime, and there are more photos taken daily now than during the entire 20th century. Is it any wonder, then, that so many visual artists have taken to altering and re-mixing existing images to express new thoughts, concerns and possibilities? Join Kat as she tours you through a curated cross-section of contemporary collage practice.

Be sure to clear your calendar for the day after -- you'll definitely want to be collaging!

Date(s): Thursday, September 5th, 2024

Timing: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  
Location: Hosted virtually on Zoom 

Fees: $20 (Member Pricing), $35 (Non-Member Pricing) 

To Register, Click HERE

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