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Double Delight: Quest Art School & Gallery Hosts Dual Art Exhibitions to Entice Art Enthusiasts

MIDLAND, AUGUST 11th, 2023 – Quest Art School & Gallery, a cherished cultural hub in Midland, is thrilled to announce the simultaneous openings of two remarkable art exhibitions that delight and inspire art enthusiasts of all tastes.

Exhibition 1: "Water’s Edge" by Celina Melo

Artist Celina Melo’s paintings explore the possibilities of representing the reflective, dynamic qualities of water, snow, and sky through mixed media. Moving across the heavily textured canvas, the lustre of the pouring medium mimics the sparkle and dynamism of water. Bold textures balance and contrast with the delicate sheen, just as nature and life grace us with tranquillity and engulf us simultaneously. Gestural lines and glass-like pools of pouring medium lie over aspects of painted imagery to create a landscape that meanders between abstraction and realism. Through her paintings, Melo invites the viewer into a therapeutic yet overwhelming experience akin to standing at the water’s edge with respect and responsibility.

Exhibition 2: "Between Rise & Fall" by Kasia Latos In consideration of the time we spend under the covers of our beds and the imprint left behind by the weight of that time, it is easy to see why this object – the bed – might claim center stage at an exhibition. It is less obvious, however, why it goes unnoticed in our waking lives since so much of our existence, not least of which is our arrival and our departure, traditionally, takes place under its address. This exhibition is an exploration of rest, healing, quiet realizations, silent decisions, dreams, nightmares, passion, pain, joy, surrender, transformation, and memories.

Exhibition Details: Date: August 11 – September 23 Venue: Quest Art School & Gallery, 333 King Street, Midland, ON.

Opening Reception: A Night of Art and Celebration Join us for an unforgettable opening night reception on Friday, August 11, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, where art aficionados, collectors, and the community come together to celebrate creativity. Enjoy engaging conversations with the artists, indulge in delectable refreshments, and experience the sheer joy of being immersed in the world of visual art.

Admission: Both exhibitions are open to the public and offer free admission, providing an accessible opportunity for everyone to experience the power of visual art.


Media Inquiries + Interview RequestsAlanna Brousseau

Communications, Quest Art School + Gallery E:

T: (705) 529-3355

About Quest Art School + Gallery 

Quest Art School + Gallery has been committed to bringing arts and culture to the North Simcoe area for over 25 years through workshops, exhibitions, and outreach programs. We believe in the power of art to transform communities and improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of the people within them.

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