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Quest Needs Your Help!

Updated: May 8

To Our Passionate Quest Community,


We need your help!


As many of you already know, Quest Art School + Gallery operates as a non-profit organization that relies on the generous contributions of its donors and numerous fundraising initiatives to bring to life its vibrant classes, exhibitions and community experiences.  One very simple source of revenue for our organization is the Delta Bingo program in Penetanguishene. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation pays $500 per month for two volunteers to act as greeters during a two-hour session. At this time, Quest has committed to two sessions per month, however, we have experienced challenges filling these positions.


This is where we hope you may be able to lend a hand!


We are currently seeking volunteers who can commit their time throughout the year to support their community and the arts.


What does it take to become a volunteer, you ask?


To become a volunteer, you must simply complete a 45-minute online training session and take part in a two-hour shadowing session with a trained volunteer. The bingo assignments typically take place between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM and are circulated on a monthly basis for volunteers to select.


Consider this an opportunity to get out for the evening and help Quest earn $500!  


The $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 we are able to generate on an annual basis by participating in this initiative goes a long way to support our organization in delivering exciting experiences that allow all of us to explore and celebrate the limitless world of art.


There are 65 non-profit, charitable organizations in our area competing for the same Bingo revenues, and we thank you for considering this opportunity to support Quest. If you are interested in becoming a Delta Bingo Volunteer, please contact Stacey at Your support is vital to our success!

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