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Melanie Robitaille


Melanie Robitaille

The only thing that runs deeper in my veins than my North Simcoe family heritage, is my artistic upbringing and love for the arts. Raised surrounded by strong creative influences such as quilters, visual artists, chefs, photographers, seamstresses and knitters, I set out on my own multi-disciplinary creative trajectory with training in modern dance, classical ballet, both creative and journalistic writing, as well as photography.

After winning the coveted Toronto Star Award as a Humber Journalism graduate, I’ve honed my skills for the past 20 years, becoming the Sr. Graphic Designer and Staff Writer at EXIT Realty Corp. International and launching my MWORDS Photography business after completing the first ARTrepreneur cohort a year after moving to Tiny in 2015. Through my business, I’ve subsequently supported and worked with several grass-roots outreach organizations such as Angels with Backpacks, Compassion Place, We Are the Villagers, La Maison Rosewood Shelter, and The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. I also actively spend my time volunteering, which brought me to the Quest Art team in 2024.

Growing up with the gift of witnessing family working on their crafts, I learned the lasting legacy that is art, and I hope to impart the same experiences to my two children. I see North Simcoe as home to a robust and eclectic artistic community that’s extremely fortunate to have access to a creative resource like Quest. To me, we’re all creatives; art is a community, and there’s no better way to preserve that than through my new board secretary opportunity.

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